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[S1E14] Seven Is Enough

Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household.

[S1E14] Seven Is Enough

The Enterprise arrives at the planet Angel One, which is ruled by an oligarchy of women. The ship is looking for survivors from the shipwrecked freighter Odin, seven-plus years after having been evacuated. The freighter was missing three escape pods and the only planet in range was Angel One. An away team consisting of Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), and Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) beam down to the surface. They attempt to negotiate with Beata (Karen Montgomery), the "Elected One" of the native inhabitants, to let them search for the survivors. Time is of the essence however, as the Enterprise must travel to a Federation outpost near the Romulan Neutral Zone (where a group of Romulan Battlecruisers has been detected) as soon as they resolve their investigation into the Odin survivors.

When confronted by Data, Yar, and Troi with rescue, Ramsey and his men having taken wives and started families during the intervening seven years, refuse to leave. Geordi informs Yar of the medical situation on board, that more Romulan ships have been detected near the Neutral Zone. Riker learns from Beata that their social structure had already started collapsing, though Ramsey and his men have served to accelerate its decline. Riker argues that it may just be the course of evolution taking place. On the Enterprise, systems are becoming harder to maintain with more crew succumbing to the virus. Geordi (after a friendly reminder from a sniffling Worf (Michael Dorn)) remembers that in command, he must delegate tasks so as to remain on the bridge. Dr. Crusher finds that the virus is an airborne organism that produces a sweet aroma to entice inhalation, after which it becomes viral once inside the body.

The following morning the Away Team is invited to witness the execution of Ramsey and his followers. Moments after Riker rejects their invitation, Data makes contact and informs them that there is a 48-minute window in which Dr. Crusher has to find a cure and Riker must defuse the situation on the planet, before the ship must leave for the Neutral Zone. On the planet, Ramsey and his men are prepared to be executed by disintegration despite Ariel's pleas, while Dr. Crusher discovers a cure for the virus. Riker is prepared to have the away team and the Odin survivors beamed to the Enterprise, then attempts to dissuade Beata, stating their execution is only bound to create martyrs which would only worsen her situation. Beata reconsiders, then announces that she will stay the execution but Ramsey, his men, their families, and any others that support them, are to be banished to the far side of the planet. She explains that their banishment will not stop the fall of the oligarchy, but will slow it down enough that Beata will not be around to see its end. She then compliments Riker on his wisdom, a surprise to her for a mere male.

Seven is an amnesiac young man who becomes an assassin in order to make enough money to travel to Stan, a technologically advanced country that can help bring back his memories. As the show progresses, Seven learns about his past connections to the Killer League, an organization of Xuanwu

Back on Deep Space 9, Jake and Nog open communications with Sirco Ch'Ano, the original buyer of the stem bolts, under the name "The Noh-Jay Consortium." They offer to sell him the merchandise for five bars of gold-pressed latinum, but he cannot pay four, or even three bars. If he'd had latinum, he could have bought the stem bolts outright. He cannot pay even one bar of latinum, but offers a trade (a less than appealing offer, from Jake and Nog's point of view). The offer is seven tessipates of land on Bajor. Nog is getting impatient; he wants latinum, and he wants it now. Jake, however, is convinced that they should take the land. With no real alternatives, they accept the land. Nog remains skeptical, but Jake is sure it will work out.

Mullibok becomes bedridden and, having had a bad dream, wakes up to Kira taking care of him. She keeps his temperature, and tries to sleep. Soon recovering enough to complete work on his kiln, he gets up while she sleeps. Kira comes out to help him finish, but then, as the old man fires it up, she goes back inside and comes out with her bags packed, along with Mullibok's. Kira says she could use a friend on Bajor and she'd like it to be him. He tells her that, as long as that cottage is standing, he will not leave. In response, she fires her weapon at the kiln, destroying it, and sets fire to his cottage. She tells him it is time to move on. Mullibok is devastated. He asks Kira to kill him as well; he is convinced he cannot leave, but there is nothing left on Jeraddo for him now. He says if he leaves Jerrado, he will die. Kira responds, "No, you won't; I won't let you" and signals the crew to beam them both up.

Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced.

Among all of the various iterations of Star Trek, the seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation some of the most beloved. From Captain Picard's cerebral refinement to Data's unique combination of competence and developing personality, there was no shortage of colorful characters to care about. The storylines were generally better than previous Star Trek tales, and TNG quickly became a fan favorite. That said, there are some things about the show that the cast, producers, and crew may still blush over.

While The Next Generation is episodic, it did occasionally support longer story arcs that didn't always seem to turn out as planned. At best, these were minor jabs that made fans grimace before moving on. At worst, they were major missteps about which we must laugh, if only to avoid screaming. Granted, it's hard to write good sci-fi. Over seven seasons and hundreds of episodes, it's unrealistic to expect TNG to hit the mark every time. Still, when we look back, some of the most significant parts of the series that jump out at us are the parts that fell flat, despite the best efforts of every writer in the TNG workroom.

This is the episode where the Traveler appears to Wesley in the guise of a wise and powerful chief who takes him on a mystical vision quest. If you're luckily enough not to have seen this, now that you know about it, you never need to seek it out.

The worst of the TNG crossovers with TOS happened in season 1, episode 3, where Picard's Enterprise's crew got the same polywater infection that Kirk encountered. This was supposed to be cute and endearing wink to longtime fans, but there had been enough time since TOS that a lot of people watching the new Trek were first-timers. They didn't even know these characters yet!

Shingo is shocked of Takumi's quick adaptability. Shingo pulls up a little bit and glares at Takumi and can pass him whenever he wants to. Iketani feels pessimistic on how the race will end for Takumi only for Kenji to don't overthink that. Takumi then came up with a new strategy, steer less in the corners to nail it each time. This does not sit well with Shingo. Keisuke is surprised that neither of them crashed and Ryosuke tells him if he didn't finish the race one-handed then Takumi's last 2 races would have been out of sheer luck. Both cars come up the corner in dead heat with oncoming traffic. Takumi sees this and performs a 4 wheel drift with great precision without leaving his lane. This amazes Keisuke and Ryosuke says he adapted to the situation quickly by shifting the weight of the car which ain't easy. He now sees his driving style evolving. Shingo had enough of this and rear-ended Takumi sending the Eight-Six in a 360 degree spin. Takumi quickly regained control and Shingo would have expected him to crash down the hill. Aware that was intentional, Takumi pushes his car pedal to the metal and drives in blind rage from Shingo's attack. Takumi vowed not to lose to Shingo.

Bossy sits down in a bar with Dreamy who is saying that he does not feel like himself. Belle is there and tells him that he is in love. She describes to him how being in love feels, but says that it does not always last forever. She says that he needs to go be with the person he loves. He tells her about the fireflies, and Belle points out that she would like to go there with him, but tells him that she has had her heart broken enough.

Meliodas deeply loved his mother and did everything he could to make her proud of him. Meliodas stated that the only reason he was interested in the demon king's throne was for his mother. One of the best examples of Meliodas' affection for his mother is that when he learned of his death at the hands of the clan of the goddesses, Meliodas entered a deadly frenzy against them and did not hesitate to go to the front line of the holy war in the hope of the vangé mother. Following this event, meliodas lost all emotion and became for cold all by his brother and sister and some of his trusted subordinates, again showing the importance of his mother in his eyes, declaring that the world without his mother had turned gray. Meliodas kept the death of his mother, blamed himself for not having spent enough time with her and confessed to Elisabeth and Ban centuries earlier than during the war, he never really accepted the death of his mother and that he really hoped that if the butter ended in the demons' victory that his mother would be reborn and things would go back to the way they were before he died.

The Callanish standing stones on the Isle of Lewis & Harris are, in our opinion, the stones that most closely resemble the Creagh Na Dun stone circle from Outlander. If you are lucky enough to be visiting Lewis & Harris, then a trip to these stones is a must. 041b061a72


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