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Set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, the film focuses on a struggling theater owner who stages a singing competition in an effort to prevent his theater from entering foreclosure, as well as how the competition interferes with the personal lives of its contestants.


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In Calatonia, a city of anthropomorphic animals, koala Buster Moon owns a struggling theater, and is threatened with foreclosure by bank representative llama Judith. He decides to hold a singing competition with a prize of $1,000, but a typo made by his elderly assistant iguana Miss Crawly adds two extra zeros to the prize money. The misprinted flyers are blown out of the window by a fan before they can be proofread, and float across the city.

Pressured by her grandfather, Meena attempts to request a second audition, but settles on being Buster's stagehand instead. After some acts withdraw from the competition, Meena is offered a spot in the show, but again struggles to overcome her fear. Further problems soon arise. Rosita flounders in her dance routine with Gunter, believing her motherly duties have caused her to lose her passion. Lance cheats on Ash, causing her to break up with him, and later to break down crying during a rehearsal. Mike, assuming he will win the competition, takes out a massive loan from the bank to buy a flashy car and swindles a group of bears in a card game. Johnny, forced by Big Daddy to partake in a heist as a getaway driver, sneaks away to a rehearsal. Traffic prevents Johnny from returning to the heist in time, resulting in the arrest and incarceration of Big Daddy and his gang, straining their relationship. After an accident causes stage lights to fall and break, Buster has the stage rebuilt and fills a glass tank with water so that luminescent squids can be used to light the stage.

Desperate, Johnny attempts to steal the prize money for his father's bail, but when he sees a note on Buster's desk praising his talents, Johnny resolves to focus on his musical career instead. At the same time, Rosita regains her passion for dancing while grocery shopping, and Ash composes a song that Buster likes. On the day of the preview, the bears Mike had cheated locate him, and demand their money back. Mike directs them to Buster; the bears break open the prize chest, but it is nowhere near $100,000. Shocked by the lack of money, the rest of the contestants question Buster, and the squid tank shatters under everyone's weight. The flooded theater implodes and Judith repossesses the lot, while a disheartened Buster takes up residence with Eddie and supports himself by washing cars.

Meena goes to the rubble of the theater and sings out loud to music on her headphones, inspiring Buster to stage an outdoor show. Despite attempts from Judith to halt the show, it takes place on the lot of the former theater, with Meena's and Rosita's families in attendance. More animals are drawn into the audience when the show is broadcast live on the local news. Rosita's husband Norman is roused by his wife's talent, Big Daddy breaks out of prison and travels to the lot to reconcile with Johnny and apologize, Lance is impressed by Ash's original rock song "Set It All Free," the bears find Mike and chase him away, and Meena overcomes her stage fright and gives an enthusiastic performance. The show is a success and impresses Nana who was in the audience. She purchases the lot, and the theater is rebuilt and reopened.

The voices of Rosita and Norman's piglet children were provided by Oscar, Leo, Caspar, and Asa Jennings, the children of Garth Jennings. Jennings had directors Edgar Wright (as a goat) and Wes Anderson (as Daniel, a giraffe who auditions with the song "Ben") provide "additional voices", continuing a tradition of the three friends appearing in each other's films.[13] An archival recording of Shooby Taylor, who died in 2003, singing "Stout-Hearted Men" was used for the singing voice of a hippopotamus.[14]

In North America, the film opened alongside Passengers and Assassin's Creed, and was expected to gross around $70 million from 4,022 theaters over its first six days of release.[25] The film made $1.7 million during its Tuesday night previews.[26] It went on to gross $35.2 million in its opening weekend (a six-day total of $75.5 million), finishing second at the box office behind Rogue One, which was in its second week.[27] It rose 21% in its second weekend to $42.9 million, remaining in second, and grossed $20.8 million in its third week and finishing third.[28] Sing holds the record for being the highest-grossing film to never finish first at the North American box office, beating My Big Fat Greek Wedding ($241.4 million in 2002).[29]

Join us to consider how singing propels us to fulfill the Great Commission. Taking inspiration from how the deep songs of the faith have spurred the missions movements of history, we will reignite our passion for the unfinished task: making disciples and calling all peoples to become fully devoted worshipers of Jesus Christ.

The Summer internship for INdigenous peoples in Genomics (SING) Workshop is a one-week workshop aimed at discussing the uses, misuses and limitations of genomics as a tool for indigenous peoples' communities. The workshop will also assist in training indigenous peoples in the concepts and methods currently used in genomics.

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Special Housing Unit Visiting Days & Hours: Incarcerated individuals in Special Housing units are allowed one (1) non-legal visit within a seven-day period during normal visitation hours. Weekend visits utilize the odd/even weekend schedule. Each week begins on a Thursday and ends on a Wednesday.

Do you sing to God? Or do you "address one another in hymns and spiritual songs," as the Scripture says? Do you close your eyes? What is your posture in worship? This book is designed with these questions in mind.

Authors, lyricists, and worship leaders Keith and Kristyn Getty write to church members to remind them why the Church should sing, when the Church should sing, and how the Church should sing. A congregation that gains a greater understanding of why they sing won't dread a worship service, with arms crossed and shoulders slumped, but see singing as an opportunity to proclaim the gospel together in obedience to God.

Get silly while getting clean! Tell your child, "Let's wash your hands!" but start washing their feet. What do they do? Then say: "Oh! Those are your feet! Where are your hands?" As they get older, have them lead, using other parts of their body like elbows, wrists, and ankles.

Your child is using their focus to listen to your words and drawing on what they already know to play this silly game with you, which strengthens their memory. They're also practising thinking flexibly about opposites, as well as learning new words and what they mean in a fun way.

When your child seems fussy, try singing a rhyme or song. Do they calm down when your voice is quiet, or do they respond to big facial expressions and an enthusiastic voice? Try different rhymes and songs to find their favourites.

There are things we do every day. Sing the same songs at those moments to explain what you're doing with your child. Examples could be leaving a room, finishing eating, or washing hands. What do you do daily that you could sing about?

Children love traditions. Singing about your shared daily moments adds to the comfort of a known routine. It also helps your child connect these moments and new words. They love learning language from your sing-song voice.

More than 2,100 singers have celebrated their music with us and learned important ways to improve their technique and on-air performances from our expert coaches. These are the singers who usually perform in schools, churches, and civic events: unsung heroes who often bring live music pro bono to new audiences. Each one of these extraordinary performers brought their best and shared their love of music with audiences across New England.

"Thank you so much for this most amazing opportunity and experience. It is one my students and I will never forget. Thank you for helping to bring singing to the forefront by fostering programs like Sing That Thing!" - 18 Wheelers, Providence, RI

I'm listening to the director of my London choir demonstrate a singing scale, starting with a low humming noise before opening his mouth fully to produce a resonant "aah" sound. As the choir joins in to warm up our voices, I imagine my vocal cords vibrating up to 2,000 times per second, deep within my larynx.

After suffering from flu and losing my voice completely over Christmas, I was hesitant about attending my first choir rehearsal. It is accepted wisdom in many circles, that if you are suffering from a cold, it's best not to sing at all. But how true is this? How does singing with a cold impact your voice? And how do you help your voice heal if it's recovering from illness?

If you have a nasal cold which is affecting your sinuses or an upper throat infection, you are usually fine to keep singing, says Declan Costello, a consultant laryngologist who specialises in treating voice disorders at Wexham Park Hospital, in Slough in the UK.

"I saw a singer a few months ago who had bacterial tonsillitis," he says. "He was feeling rubbish and had big white spots at the back of his throat, but his voice was actually working fine as it was the upper part of his throat that was affected. He ended up singing a huge solo at the [BBC] Proms."

Blocked sinuses or a sore throat are also unlikely to affect your singing ability, says Costello. "If you've got a stuffed-up nose, it might feel very different to the singer, but it tends to not make a huge amount of difference to the audience's perception of the voice." If you're not a professional performer, however, you might want to skip your choir rehearsal to avoid spreading the virus to fellow singers. (Learn more about how diseases can spread when you sing.) 041b061a72


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