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So what do we look for in a Queen B clip? Dancing! Sex appeal! Production value! Beyoncé spoiled us early on delivering flawless music videos, so now we expect nothing but the best. And these are the 10 best of the best Beyoncé music videos:


The 20 (previously known as the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown) is a weekly music video countdown television show that aired on the VH1 cable television network in the United States. The long-running show was first introduced in 1995 as VH1 Top 10 Countdown, part of VH1's "Music First" re-branding effort.[1] Over the years, a variety of hosts counted down the top 10 or 20 music videos of the week. The order of countdown was initially decided by a mix of record sales, radio airplay, video spins, message board posts, and conventional mail. The last episode aired unexpectedly without any ceremony on November 28, 2015, along with the last number one on the show belongs to Hotline Bling by the Canadian rapper Drake.

As part of VH-1's rebranding as "VH1: Music First" in 1995, the channel launched a new show, the VH1 Top 10 Countdown, that counted down the top 10 music videos played on the channel each week. A combination of record sales, radio airplay, video spins, message board posts, and conventional mail decided the order of the countdown. A rotating cast of VJs picked up hosting duties for the show over the years. The show expanded from 10 to 20 music videos, becoming VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, in January 2001.

The show became known as the VSPOT Top 20 Video Countdown on April 7, 2006, at which time it received a new on-air look, a new studio at the MTV headquarters in Times Square (where TRL located at), and a new host, Matt Pinfield, the venerable VJ from MTV and MTV2 in the 1990s and former host of MTV's 120 Minutes. In a fundamental change from the show's older format of compiling the top 20 videos of the week, Online votes determined the entire order of the countdown. Fan participation was introduced via VSPOT, VH1's online music video outlet. Also as part of the change, VH1 temporarily moved the show's first airing of the week to Friday evenings instead of Saturday mornings. On the week of July 15, 2006, the show stopped airing on Friday evenings.

On the September 16, 2006, episode, Pinfield announced that after being on the countdown for 20 weeks, a video would be retired. Before this time, videos could remain on the countdown for as long as seemed appropriate, though almost all were gone by the 24th week. One notable exception, however, was Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know", which remained in the countdown for 28 non-consecutive weeks in two countdown runs. The video did not reach the top 10 and its second wind was caused by the popularity of the live version of the video.

Alison Becker became the new host on August 11, 2007. Around this time, the VSPOT online video center was renamed to "," so the series regained its original title, VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. Since then, each episode has usually featured one or two interviews with all celebrities of latest notoriety who either have a video, movie, or TV show of interest at the time. The countdown sometimes has videos high in its countdown despite virtually no radio airplay for the song. One example is Bret Michaels' Go That Far which was directed by Shane Stanley. This video spent twelve weeks on the countdown and bowed out at #7. The video supported Michaels' show Rock of Love which is shown on the network.

David Cook and David Archuleta, the winner and runner-up of American Idol season 7 were the first guest stars to introduce their own music video at the #1 spot. David Archuleta introduced his video "Crush" on November 15, 2008. The following Countdown on November 22, 2008, Cook made a guest appearance to introduce his music video for "Light On" which was making its Countdown Debut at #1. Shinedown joined the group to introduce a song at #1 when their video for "Second Chance" was #1 on May 16, 2009. Introducing "Come Back To Me" at #1 on May 30, 2009, made David Cook the first to introduce two music videos at #1 on two occasions. Later in 2009 Daughtry introduced their music video for "No Surprise" at #1 on July 18, 2009, and British singer Jay Sean introduced his music video for "Down" at #1 on October 17, 2009. After four months of no one introducing their own video at #1, Adam Lambert would also join the group as he introduced his video, "Whataya Want from Me," at #1 on February 20, 2010. At VH1's Winter Wonderland Countdown Special, The Script introduced their video, Breakeven at #1 on March 6, 2010. For five months, no one had introduced their song at number one until August 21, 2010, where B.o.B introduced Airplanes at #1. Two months later, on October 9, Bruno Mars introduced his #1 single, "Just the Way You Are," at #1. Following a four- to five-month absence of an artist introduction at #1, on February 26, 2011, Adele introduced "Rolling in the Deep" at #1. On November 5, 2011, Kelly Clarkson introduced "Mr. Know It All" at #1 after a nine-month absence. On March 24, 2012, Neon Hitch introduced "[[Ass Back Home]Get Yourself Back Home]]" at #1. Since then there has been no one else to introduce their own videos at #1, but it is likely there will be more by looking at past Countdowns where this has occurred.

On September 18, 2010, the show had expanded from 2 hours to 2.5 hours, but returned to the original two-hour format on February 11, 2012. On May 14, 2011, the show celebrated its 800th episode. This makes the countdown the longest-running music-related program on any channel, ever, in TV history. The countdown's 800th #1 video was "Rolling in the Deep" from Adele.

In the past we could choose up to 20 videos to vote for at one time by dragging a song into spaces that were numbered 1-20, and it was unlimited to how many times you could vote, but in mid-2011, the voting format changed. It was made to where we could only vote for one video at a time and votes were limited to 20 times per day. As of 2014, the show's voting was taken away. Jim Shearer hosted his last episode on December 13, 2014, since his contract was not renewed for 2015. From January 10, 2015, to April 25, 2015, musical artists and others guest-hosted the show.

On April 12, 2015, Shannon Coffey was announced as the new host starting on May 2, 2015, keeping the same video countdown, but introduced with new segments and the show's name is changed to The 20.

On November 28, 2015, the last episode of "The 20" aired without ceremony, and the program was cancelled without any publicity or statement as to why. An end of year special aired on December 15, 2015 in the same timeslot called the 2015 Year-End Special hosted by Coffey, but no video of the year was named, and it composed of a countdown of 20 pop-culture moments instead of videos, Staring in of the year of 2016 saw Paramount completely phasing out all music videos from the VH1 schedule. Random movies now air in the show's former timeslot.

A video is said to be part of the 20/20 Club when it has been on the countdown for 20 consecutive weeks. On its 20th week, the host will say that it has reached 20 weeks and this will be the last time it will be shown on the countdown. As of 2013, the 20/20 Club has ended, and there is no limit to how long videos can appear on the countdown.[6]

We also can't forget Bruno Mars taking us back in time, One Direction singing the best song ever, and Chris Brown bringing the King of Pop back to life. Follow along as we countdown the Top 10 Music Videos of 2013 (So Far).

Avril Lavigne channeled her signature uber-confident pop-rock vibe for 'Rock N Roll.' The video is tons of fun to watch, as the singer incorporate comic book effects into the production. It's definitely a reflection of Avril's fun-loving outlook on music. She's happy being herself and she's not afraid to show it!

Lady Gaga's biggest single of 2013 was 'Applause,' so it's not surprise that the video is ultra-artsy. Mother Monster switches between minimalist black and white shots and bright lit colorful scenes, showing the contrast between how different people view pop music. It's fitting that as Gaga belts that she's become a Koons, her face is artfully covered in paint. We would expect nothing less from this edgy singer.

Avril Lavigne channeled her signature uber-confident pop-rock vibe for 'Rock N Roll.' The video is tons of fun to watch, as the singer incorporate comic book effects into the production. It's definitely a reflection of Avril's fun-loving outlook on music. She's happy being herself and she's not afraid to show it! 350c69d7ab


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