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Landon Stewart
Landon Stewart

Fatal Fandom (2022) 1080p PORTABLE

The strength of "Fatal Fandom" was in evoking the comaraderie of the creative team around the superstar pop singer Miss Eden Chase. It was fun to get to know the pressures of stardom and all that is involved in recording sessions and preparing concerts.The gist of the film was the hiring of a bodyguard to protect Miss Chase after she was nearly attacked and kidnapped. Jackson Reed is hired for security, and he moves into the "east wing" of Eden's mansion. There was a great scene of Eden and Jackson eating tacos with the crunching sounds of the taco shells picked up in the recording.There was not much suspense in developing who is the villain. But the major disappointment of the film was in the implausible revenge scenario and the collateral damage incurred to so many of those within Eden's inner circle. The oily music producer Ozzie, the dedicated manager Colette, the ex-boyfriend Lee, and Eden's best friend Addison were all unnecessary victims.A thread that was underdeveloped in the film was the possible damaging effects on young people from popular music and lyrics that may be interpreted in ways not intended by the singer. This was a crucial detail in a life cut short in the character of Tess, the younger sister of Eden's bodyguard.Another flaw was the film's abrupt ending that lacked any kind of closure to the tragic circumstances involving Eden and her team. The film's cast was great in conveying the excitement of working for an international celebrity. But the screenplay could have explored more completely and without the excessive violence the theme of how popular music may result in fatal fandom.

Fatal Fandom (2022) 1080p



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