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Lethal Weapon 1x5

The F2000 is a modular weapon system; its principal component is a compact 5.5645mm NATO-caliber assault rifle in a bullpup configuration. The F2000 is a selective fire weapon operating from a closed bolt.

Lethal Weapon 1x5

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The F2000 is a gas-operated, fully automatic and ambidextrous bullpup rifle. Both the safety system and trigger mechanism were adopted from the P90 personal defense weapon; the selector toggle is a rotating disc located below the trigger. The fire selector doubles as the weapon's manual safety and secures the firearm against accidental discharge (the selector/safety disc has 3 settings: "S" safe, "1" semi-automatic mode, "A" fully automatic fire). The "safe" setting disables the trigger. The hammers, group pins, and springs are steel while all other components are nylon injection molding. The shell of the rifle is made of composite materials.

The weapon's primary sight is a telescopic sight with a fixed 1.6 magnification (the reticle also enables use in low-light conditions) contained in a plastic housing above the receiver (mounted on the MIL-STD-1913 rail), the secondary sight is a non-adjustable fixed notch and front blade, molded into the optical sight housing cover. The sight cover and sight module can be quickly removed to reveal the Picatinny rail.

This selective fire weapon is a gas-operated design utilizing a short-stroke piston system driven by propellant gases diverted into the gas cylinder through a port in the barrel; it fires from a closed bolt position. The weapon is locked with a rotating bolt which features 6 radial locking lugs, a spring-powered extractor and ejector. The chamber, bolt, and ejector mechanism can be accessed by flipping up a hinged inspection cover in the receiver, behind the optical sight housing.

The F2000 uses a unique ejection system, ejecting spent cartridge casings forward and to the right side of the weapon, through a tube running above the barrel. This method of ejection provides for fully ambidextrous operation; the rifle can be used without any modification by both right and left-handed shooters. This ejection pattern was achieved by using a swiveling polymer tray, which intercepts the empty casing from the bolt face immediately after disengaging from the extractor. As the empty casing is extracted it is held while the rocker assembly tilts to lift it above and clear of the feed path as the next round is stripped from the magazine by the bolt head. The casing is fed into the tray located in a cavity in the receiver wall, which then pivots the cartridge case and directs it into a chute (above the barrel); the case is discarded from the tilting tray by being impacted by a pin on the moving bolt carrier upon its forward return. Only when the ejection tube contains more than five cases is the first of them ejected forward through a port just behind and to the right of the muzzle. This is continued; every fifth round fired, all five shells are ejected in a burst, until the magazine is empty. Thus a 30-round magazine will be ejected in six bursts of five shells.

One of the modules developed for the F2000 system is a proprietary lightweight 40 mm underslung GL1 grenade launcher (empty weight 1 kg) that uses standard low-velocity 4046mm grenades.[8] The launcher is a single-shot breech-loaded reverse pump-action weapon with a barrel that slides forward for loading and unloading (like the M203 grenade launcher), locked by axial rotation of the barrel.[9]

The aiming module is installed in place of the standard optical sight and becomes the weapon's primary sight when mounted, but its main purpose is to accurately determine and indicate the range of a grenade target. The module is powered by a 9 V battery pack, installed in the stock, behind the magazine well. The power pack is also intended to power any other tactical accessories or systems that could be introduced. The FCS integrates a low-power laser rangefinder (precise to within 1 m), a day-time aiming channel with an electronically projected reticle, a measured range display reading and a diode elevation adjustment indicator.

After obtaining a range measurement, the distance to the target is displayed on a liquid crystal screen and the elevation diode flashes red. Once a correct elevation has been achieved by tilting the rifle, the diode changes color to green indicating the weapon is ready to fire[citation needed]

X's main weapon in the games, this weapon stands out with its infinite ammo, a trait no other weapon shares. As such, it should always be considered as your first slot weapon. However, its damage is a bit lackluster in comparison to some of the other special weapons, and it lacks outstanding traits or utility that some other weapons can provide.

This weapon can can home in on enemies, though its main weakness is the fact that torpedos can be destroyed by most weapons in the game. The charge is great for quick burst damage and flinch, but even its torpedos can be destroyed as well.

The uncharged shot deals decent damage, and if you can aim the pellets carefully, you can "meatshot" by hitting with all three of them at once on an enemy, dealing heavy damage. The charge turns X invincible for 8 seconds, making it great for escapes and reaching the flag, but like with any weapon charge, you cannot use it when carrying the flag. You can also use the invulnerability to access otherwise lethal parts of the map such as lava or spikes and pickup goodies sprawled upon them. While charged, shooting sting shots consumes 8 bars of ammo, so you only get 3 shots before the whole meter is depleted.

Fires spheres of rolling energy that can block projectiles and damage enemies alike. The charged version grants a protective barrier that can damage enemies X runs into, and block all projectile weapons (except electric spark, which immediately destroys it). Each hit the shield takes drains ammo, and if ammo runs out, the shield is lost. A great defensive tool; if under heavy assault from projectile weapons like the X-buster, consider this weapon, but bear in mind it does nothing to block melee attacks.

The uncharged version deals heavy damage and can burn enemies, dealing damage over time. The charged version will shoot a wave of fire that travels forward and deals heavy damage to anything in its path, and also applies burn. The burn effect can be removed via hyper modes, Axl roll, Axl transformations, and entering deep water. Note that this weapon will not work underwater.

Fires electric balls that, upon hitting a surface, split into two. While slow, these projectiles hit with shocking force, causing a brief flinch on foes struck. The charged shot will cover both your left and right, great for if you're surrounded on both sides. Both the uncharged and charged shot will break enemy rolling shields. Overall, this is a great anti-defense weapon, capable of clearing minefields/turrets and going through shield type weapons with ease.

Shoots boomerangs that curve in a circular path and, if they do not make contact, return to X and refill the lost ammo spent firing the shot. Firing while jumping makes it curve downwards. This weapon can pick up health-packs out of reach, making it great on certain maps such as PowerPlant. The charge shot fires 4 damaging projectiles that oscillate from X radially, making it great if you find yourself surrounded by opponents, or just as a general purpose form of high damage.

Mega Man X2 weapons (with some exceptions) are generally support weapons, meaning you cannot win games using them alone, but should pair them with a more damaging weapon, i.e. an X1 weapon. Many also really shine in team modes. These weapons are suited for advanced players as they are difficult to use and require careful control, thought and strategy.

Uncharged shots will crystalize enemies on hit, immobilizing them for up to 2 seconds, though this can be mashed out of. Crystalized enemies can be jumped on and used as platforms. Dash into a crystalized enemy to break the crystal and cause 3 points of damage. Note that after an enemy breaks free, you cannot crystalize them again until after 5 seconds. It's great when paired with a damaging close range weapon like Fire Wave. The charged shot will create a time rift that slows down all players within the area of effect. Up to 2 rifts can be created per player at once. Pair this slowdown with weapons like Giga Crush and Shoryuken for devastating cleanup.

While the shot is held, this weapon will continuously shoot bubbles that float upwards. Aim at foes above you for a higher chance of landing hits, and consider using it while crouched as well to give the bubbles more time to travel up. The charged shot surrounds X with 6 oscillating bubbles that can provide minor protection against projectiles as well as deal contact damage to enemies. Not only that, but X also jumps significantly higher when he has bubbles surrounding him, especially when underwater. Also when underwater, the charge effect gives X unlimited double jumps, allowing him to "swim" in the ocean and giving him unparalleled mobility in water maps.

Shoots wheels that have a windup time, but travel further than most weapons. Wheels also change direction if they hit a wall, so you can lock down certain low-ground depressions in the map surrounded by left and right walls by firing wheels into them. The charge shot generates 8 wheel spokes that radiate from X. Multiple can connect at a time on an enemy, so if you space it right you can cause 8 damage in a single hit, but otherwise the spokes are rather slow and easy to dodge.

Shoots a chain from X's buster that can latch onto walls, pulling X towards them, as well as pull health and ammo capsules to your location. It can be aimed up or down as well. Aim at the ceiling to swing from it and gain some momentum in both the x and y axis. Enemies can be pulled to X as well, and the charge shot will actually flinch and stun foes that are hooked, allowing you to quickly switch to another weapon for an effective combo, especially if you have another charge shot banked up from the X2 buster upgrade. Notably, the chain can also yank Ride Armor users straight out of the mech, making it great for countering troublesome Vile players causing issues for the team. Note that when crouched, this weapon will still aim diagonally down unless you also press FORWARD. 041b061a72


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