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The Ghost Rider: Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

Setting us up for the Halloween spirit, this episode features ghosts, mystical spell books, and two hellfire-wielders going toe-to-toe in another solid entry of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fitz and Simmons have continued furthering their much needed relationship--after three seasons of tiptoeing around the issue--and have begun house hunting. While Simmons looks at apartments, she learns that one in particular was set up as a trap to meet an injured Daisy, who's suffering a bullet wound inflicted by the Watchdogs.

The Ghost Rider: Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

Johnson and Simmons find James working at, of all places, a fireworks store. James had a difficult transition out of Hive's sway and says he works at the store to remind himself of the person he does not want to be. Johnson destroys the watch S.H.I.E.L.D. uses to keep track of James and convinces him to join her fight against the Watchdogs. That night, they meet James at a storage facility next door to the fireworks store, hoping that he may have some supplies that could aid Johnson's fight. The three of them are then suddenly ambushed by the Watchdogs, prompting James to reveal that he's been working with the Watchdogs all along and that they used his watch to get into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Inhuman database. James turned his withdrawal from Hive's parasites into self-loathing and is willing to help the Watchdogs exterminate the Inhumans as long as he is the last one they kill. Johnson uses her powers to scramble the Watchdogs, but the toll on her arms makes her unable to fight any longer.

As they stepped into the boiler room, Mackenzie and Reyes were both cornered by the two ghosts following Bauer, with Mackenzie then shooting Vincent with his Shotgun-Axe with no effect. Reyes armed himself with the Hellfire Chain and ripped Vincent in half, dropping it as it now burned red hot. However Hugo then appeared and infected Mackenzie with the psychosis by walking through him and smiling at the effect, only for Reyes to use his own powers to burn Hugo and destroy him. Mackenzie gave himself the antidote as he saw Reyes' face distort into a terrifying demonic shape.

Bauer explained that Joseph Bauer had hired the Fifth Street Locos to kill Morrow and the Reyes brothers should not have been harmed, explaining that Morrow had transformed her into this ghostly monster during his attempts to play god, although Reyes refused to believe her stories. Although Bauer attempted to infect Reyes by walking through him, he was unaffected and grabbed her arm, promising to make her pay. As Bauer noted he had the same fire in him that Morrow had, Reyes promised that his fire was worse before engulfing Bauer in flames as she screamed in agony.

Even in and out of his his state as the Ghost Rider, Reyes still has enough control and morality to judge people on his own, such as when he spared Quake. He then looked through her belongings to see if Quake was truly worth killing and even seemed to want to find something so that he could justify killing her. He demonstrated the capacity to fight someone without killing them, even as Ghost Rider, as seen where he spared the thugs who harassed him, Gabe and Quake, and later on, spared Hellfire during their fight, having been told that he was wanted alive. While he is displayed as cruel and ruthless to criminals, he believes that atoning for his uncle's attack on Momentum Labs, which created ghosts like Lucy Bauer, will pay his debt to the Devil, and rid him of the Ghost Rider and the curse of having to kill the guilty. He uses the powers given to him by the Devil to fulfill his personal vengeance against the gang that ran over him and Gabe, leading to Gabe's paraplegia.

For instance, the howitzer can bring a significant amount of firepower to bear on relatively small targets, whether they be bunkers or other obstacles, armored vehicles, or enemy forces in the open, and then readily shift its focus to new ones. The gun offers added flexibility by being able to fire different types of ammunition, including air-bursting rounds, from one shot to the next.

Wiz: The kind that's infused with magic that burns not just your flesh, but bypasses conventional defenses to attack your very soul. He can throw fireballs, raise walls of flame, rain fire from the sky, and even conjure weapons and objects out of thin air, such as a demonic shotgun and an infinite stream of chains.

The next night, Parrish witnessed one of the Oni materializing out of the shadows before attacking one of his fellow officers with their ninjato swords. Parrish immediately drew his gun and began to fire at the creature, leading the rest of the officers to follow suit. When they quickly realized their handguns weren't having any effect against the demons, Sheriff Stilinski appeared with a heavy-duty shotgun and shot the Oni right in the chest with it, briefly incapacitating the creature and buying them all time to bunker down behind their desks.

Nicolas Cage: I was on the set. I was outside, it was about 1 in the morning. The manager in charge of the weapons said we couldn't fire the guns because there was a military coup takeover happening right now and if we fire the weapons, they may start firing back. I didn't know what to make of it. It was completely abstract. There was nothing in my world that could relate to that. One of the Chinese directors, there were two of them, Danny and Oxide Pang, one of them looked at me and said, 'Hey, it's Bangkok Dangerous!' I realized then that I was going to do whatever I could to get my family safe. So I walk over to the river, walk off the set, got on a boat, took a boat to the hotel, woke my wife up, my kid, my father-in-law was staying with us, and I said, 'We're going.' I took them to the airport, got them on a jet, dropped them off in Seoul, got back on another plane, flew back to Bangkok, all the while having visions in my mind of things burning. I gave myself 50/50. I didn't really know what could happen, but then I did go and finish the scene and the next morning people were putting flowers on tanks and I realized I was out of the woods. It was nothing like anything I'd ever experienced before.

Nicolas Cage: I kind of learned early on that one of the tools that an actor has is to use hair and make-up to try to transform himself, to create new characters, so that you can lose yourself in the character. It does help with believing that you become somebody else. That goes all the way back with Lon Cheney, who was probably the master of disguising himself. It's always an aspect of disguise that I like about film acting. There has been much talk about my hair in this movie, and I think it does require, at this point, some sort of response. I'm playing a hitman who is going to Asia. In Asia, if you're a hitman, you don't want to stand out. You don't want to look like a target, so the jet-black hair look was really from the perspective that the character was really trying to blend into the look of the culture so that he wouldn't stand out. There was a scene where Joe was going to dye his hair on camera and I still wish that we had shot that. It was an idea that had come up where, before he got on the plane, he dyed his hair to fit into that world. What's also interesting to me is the antagonist in this film is an Asian guy with ultra-blonde hair. We have this ying-yang thing happening where the white guy has the jet-black Asian hair and the Asian guy has the ultra-blonde white-guy hair.

A hundred feet in air they swept on. Catchinghis breath, Pant unbuckled his harness.Johnny and the Professor followed his example.The next second, with a strange, land-likebreath of air sweeping up to them, they passedover the very fringe-tops of the palms. Onemoment later they were standing up in theircraft, which gently rose and fell with the water.Without a word they solemnly shook hands.

Pant took the lead. He had lived among menof many climes, and would doubtless be betterable to understand these strangers. Reachingthe edge of the circle he sat down by the fire,motioning Johnny to do the same.

One day he said to my husband: "Do you know, Nikhil, when I first saw our Queen Bee, she was sitting there so demurely in her gold-bordered sari. Her eyes were gazing inquiringly into space, like stars which had lost their way, just as if she had been for ages standing on the edge of some darkness, looking out for something unknown. But when I saw her, I felt a quiver run through me. It seemed to me that the gold border of her sari was her own inner fire flaming out and twining round her. That is the flame we want, visible fire! Look here, Queen Bee, you really must do us the favour of dressing once more as a living flame."

I smiled inwardly. "These are not your words", I thought to myself. "You have learnt them from Nikhil. You are a healthy human being. Your flesh and blood have responded to the call of reality. You are burning in every vein with life-fire--do I not know it? How long should they keep you cool with the wet towel of moral precepts?"

Why not stand out aloof in the highway of the universe, and feel yourself to be part of the all? In the midst of the immense, age-long concourse of humanity, what is Bimal to you? Your wife? What is a wife? A bubble of a name blown big with your own breath, so carefully guarded night and day, yet ready to burst at any pin-prick from outside.

In short, I behaved that day as one possessed. The next day I tried to do some reading. What I read I have no idea, but after a spell of absentmindedness I found I had wandered away, book in hand, along the passage leading towards the outer apartments, and was standing by a window looking out upon the verandah running along the row of rooms on the opposite side of the quadrangle. One of these rooms, I felt, had crossed over to another shore, and the ferry had ceased to ply. I felt like the ghost of myself of two days ago, doomed to remain where I was, and yet not really there, blankly looking out for ever.


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