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Youtube Vanced

As you know, YouTube Vanced become very popular application, and meanwhile this app also want to use many iOS devices users. But, unfortunately, team vanced still has not developed this app for iOS. So if you are looking YouTube Vanced for iOS then you should know YouTube Vanced currently not available for iOS.

Youtube Vanced

To install YouTube Vanced for iOS is very easy in your Android, just you need to download the provided APK file and follow the interaction by the guide post and enjoy those premium features for free. You can also install the Vanced Manager APK as normal and from where you can install all vanced apps for free.

YouTube Vanced APK is one of the most popular modded versions of the Official YouTube and has been used by millions of users. This APK app is designed by so many advanced and latest features that are lacked by the official version. Using YouTube Vanced you can watch videos without Ads, play video background your device, picture in picture play, sponsor block, and much more. And this is a app which is official design and developed by Google LLC, so technically it not an official app.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. Please visit if you want to connect to original developers. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

Hello anyone that can help. I recently downloaded youtbe vanced. YouTube vanced is a modified version of the original YouTube which blocks all AD's on the app. The app works great only one thing. The thing is that I am not getting push notifications when new content is added from the subscribers. Can anyone help with this issue thank you in advance.

YouTube Vanced is an Ad-free version of YouTube that allows users to play videos in the background and enable picture-in-picture mode while playing youtube on their Android phones. It works with MicroG. In the recent update, users are unable to cast YouTube vanced on TV. This guide will deal with the potential solution to this problem.

YouTube Vanced is a relief for people who are done with ads on YouTube. The constant ads while playing any video on YouTube has been a pain in the arse. We now have an application that works totally like YouTube, the interface is also of YouTube, yet there are no ads. The users can also play the videos in the background. For example, if they are listening to music on YouTube, they can lock the phone or close the screen. Still, the music will play. Another possibility is to use picture-in-picture mode. Suppose you are doing something on your phone, and you want to watch a YouTube video alongside; youtube vanced allows you to use YouTube in a small window on your screen while you are doing work. You can also move the small window to any side or corner of your screen.

You can download the APK file on your android device easily. Just follow this guide. First, visit and scroll down below and find the download button. From there, you can tap on the download button. You will be moved to the download page. From there, you can select the versions of this app. Now, simply download the file and follow our installation guide. Also, make sure you have the latest version if you want to enjoy the newest features in this app.

Like YouTube Vanced, you can download Revanced as a secondary YouTube on your Android device unless you prefer deleting the original version. The benefit of this feature for users is that they can switch back to the old version in case the new, but unfinished Revanced app needs debugging.

You can now change the YouTube launcher icon and name to your choice in the Revanced app. Custom-branding redefines open-source customization by giving users full control over the interface, allowing them to create their preferred platform. This feature also makes you proud of the changes made and eager to open the app every time just for a glimpse of your own creation.

Revanced can play HDR videos in auto-brightness mode supported by your device. This mode gives streamers the best brightness settings for high dynamic range videos on the platform, resulting in the optimum streaming experience. Regulating the brightness to the most favorable levels also protects your eyes from screen glare and prevents straining.

The normal YouTube playback speed ranges from 0.5X to 1.5X. However, you can change the default playback speed options and customize them to your preferred settings with the YouTube Revanced APK. Users can tweak the speed of their videos to make them go either slower or faster than the default settings, depending on their objectives.

I have given all the permission and Poweramp equalizer shows both vanced and mx player, but I can't find any difference in audio quality. Don't know what's wrong. Even I tried after rebooting the device, but still no luck. ?

To use the root option, your Android device must be rootedBut on non-root home screen, first, install MicroG and then install YT Vanced or as prompted on-screen.Once both the apps are installed you can access youtube vanced without SAI. 041b061a72


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