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Motorola Two Way Radios Best Buy

Great for hiking, camping or the work site, two-way radios and walkie talkies offer you long range so you can get in touch easily. They are built tough to withstand just about every adventure and type of weather, and they offer a solid radio frequency in case you get separated or lost. Best Buy carries a wide selection of walkie talkies and two-way radios from top brands such as Motorola and Cobra.

motorola two way radios best buy

Two way radios typically operate on FRS or GMRS radio frequencies. They are designed for short-distance two way communication, and offer several channels you can access in order to get in touch with another radio.

Two way radio and walkie talkie are terms people use interchangeably for the same type of device. They are both radios that can send and receive transmissions from one person to another, but a walkie talkie is a two way radio that is always handheld while a two-way radio may be handheld or permanently mounted in a vehicle or in an office.

The best walkie-talkies, aka handheld radios, offer two things that phones can't. One is the ability to stay in touch with others in areas of little or no mobile coverage, such as the countryside, mountainous areas, and out at sea. The second is to chat with a group of people at the same time. That makes them super-useful for all sorts of activities, from camping in the wilds to working as a photographer or film-makers on set.

For most people, a range of 25 to 30 miles will be sufficient. But if you plan on being spread out from others or venture out into the remote wilderness, you may need to get something more powerful or even attain a license to purchase a military-grade walkie-talkie. Premium walkie-talkies like our best overall pick, the Garmin InReach Mini 2, employ powerful satellite use to provide unlimited range.

Walkie talkies are two-way radios. However, not all two-way radios are walkie talkies. Basically, a walkie-talkie is a portable, handheld two-way radio, and in the U.S., the terms are often used interchangeably.

The packaging looks quite flamboyant, because the yellow radios contrast well with the red and black packaging. The yellow signifies waterproof, traditionally, so you can tell from a distance that these radios are weather-resistant.

The Motorola MS350R radios come with detachable belt clips. With the belt clip, the radio becomes quite bulky. But you probably won't notice it if it's clipped out of the way. A spring-loaded button allows the radio to be detached from the belt clip. The belt clip is made out of plastic, which makes me wonder about its robustness in the field. I would also be concerned with accidental detachment of the radio on a hike.

There are two features on the MR350R that are missing on the MS350R. The first feature is the red emergency button. When you hold that button down for three seconds, it puts your radio into transmission mode so that you can broadcast your situation to all other radios on your channel at max volume. That feature is gone from the MS350R.

The Motorola TalkAbout MS350R radios come with rechargeable battery packs. However, you can still use three regular AA Alkaline batteries. The rechargeable battery and the Alkaline batteries shares the same compartment, meaning that you can only use the rechargeable battery pack or the Alkaline batteries, not both at the same time.

Motorola included a charging cradle and a AC adapter (see photo below) so that you can charge the two walkie talkies at the same time. The cradle charges the radios standing up, saving a bit of space. It's also round and very pleasing to look at. The charging cradle has a LED for each walkie talkie. When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED will light up when you insert the radio to tell you it is being charged. The model number of the charging cradle is KEBT-281.

Text communication between radios can be limited to a few preprogrammed messages, or it can allow you to type out custom messages. Some radios can even reach people via email. This capability is a big advantage in situations where noise discipline is important or audio communication is compromised. Radios with this capability might require a radio license.

Those of us who love a good road trip can definitely benefit from a good walkie talkie. CB radios are still the king of the road when it comes to reaching other drivers, but a simple walkie talkie can get the trick done, too.

A: Radio frequencies are classified by their wavelength. VHF (very high frequency) radios use wavelengths between 30 and 300 megahertz and are useful in unobstructed outdoor settings. UHF (ultra-high frequency) radios operate between 300 and 3,000 megahertz and provide a higher quality signal.

A: Most FRS radios, like those on this list, cost less than $100. Entry-level sets can be found for less than $40 and premium ones can go for nearly $200. The latest and greatest cost even more than that.

There are several brands of GMRS handheld radios that you can choose from, including Midland, Wouxun, Motorola, Btech/Baofeng, Rugged Radios, Retevis, Samcom and Radioddity. Prices of GMRS walkie talkies range from $30 to $200, with features such as repeater capability and waterproofing being found on the more expensive models.

As for which model of GMRS walkie talkie is best, we like the inexpensive Baofeng radios, even if these do have a few shortcomings. This brand of imported two-way walkie talkie was first marketed to ham radio operators and when they first came out had some quality issues, most of which have largely been resolved.

For their own personal use, licensed GMRS users are allowed to set up powerful 50 watt home base stations to create a reliable, always-on emergency communications system for keeping in touch with family and friends who also have these versatile radios.

One of these two radios can transmit across oceans and even send messages to the International Space Station if a few settings were changed. Even if our ham rig was legal to use for GMRS, letting the whole family use it would probably not be a good idea.

These Motorola two-way radios offer support for 22 channels with 121 privacy codes each, making it easy for you to find an available channel. This allows you to communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios no matter the brand. Each one can be powered either by NiMH rechargeable batteries or AA batteries.

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Connectivity: Modern radios can often connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and have lots of different channels (some with privacy codes) so you can speak freely without being interrupted. You can even have the ability to monitor two channels at once, and get NOAA weather alerts before storms hit.

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Features: The Cubo Ai Plus is absolutely packed with extra features, that's why we think it's one of the best baby monitors you can get. It has the standard temperature and humidity monitoring and two-way audio, but then there are also the built-in nightlight, lullabies and white noise machine. Then there's the aforementioned Moments Wall and easy navigation of previously captured footage, and the ubiquitous sleep-tracking charts and graphs. The Cubo Ai will even let you set up "danger zones" in your home (more useful when employed as a nanny cam) that alert you when your child wanders into, say, the kitchen. Some features are available only with a Cubo Ai Care premium subscription, which is free for the first year. 041b061a72


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