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How does it work: A- Our test Flex came with a stunning array of standard and optional electronics features. Sync, Sirius Satellite Radio, Sirius Travel Link, six-disc CD changer and the Sony audio system with hard drive all run through the navigation system's screen. Amazingly, it all works together quite well. Most major functions are easy to figure out without even cracking the manual.

Was your vehicle recalled for seat belt pretensioner issues? Read our post on the Hyundai & Kia Seat Belt Pretensioner Recall. Did your windshield crack unexpectedly? Find out if you are eligible for compensation.

There are 28 complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Kia Sorento. These relate to more than a dozen components and systems. But the ones that attract the most complaints are visibility (specifically windshields cracking spontaneously), faulty brakes, engine problems, and electrical issues. There have also been complaints about the powertrain, with owners citing transmission problems.

Two Things: First, my windshield cracked on my 2022 Kia Sorento 3 hours after we bought it. Second, First time I floored the gas pedal on the highway to pass a swerving driver 40-70 mph pass, the engine light came on and the car was bucking. 300 Mile on the odometer! I pulled over and restarted the car and it was okay. Never depressed throttle again like that. The car does ride very smooth so I hope its not plagued with issues.

I did read from an Isuzu technician that it is caused by soft body mounts that wear out and are not replaced often enough, and have seen a number of them cracking at the front, so keep an eye on it. Apparently this is something all dealerships are required to check and rectify on a regular basis now.

i dont understand how anyone can say the cracked inner guards are caused by a bullbar when it is mounted to the chassis not the body.i have the same 16 model as i didnt want dpf either, the only problem i have had was a weeping transfer case seal fixed under warranty on over 90k kms and about 20k of that was on some pretty rough roads touring N.T. loaded up and towing a boat.drivetrain sympathy is a must with most IFS rigs, mine has spent a fair amount of time offroad with no real problems.also my handsfree is fine, i have heard people complain about it but i have never had that problem in a lsu, i am beginning to think its the different unit in the sx that is the issue here.

MY18 SX 44 space cab chassis tourer build. Alloy Isuzu tray(Triple M) canvas canopy in sail track with engineered load bearing alloy roof and rails. Lovells GVM GCM upgrade. 2nd battery behind driver in cab. Fridge behind passenger in cab. 200watt solar panel up on cab roof. 270 awning. Shower awning. Tray of Drifta drawers as our bed base. Canopy 150mm higher than standard as we sleep in canopy. TJM bullbar and winch, side rails and side steps. Nil issues. I have braced bullbar by getting scrub rails incase bullbar causing inner guard cracking. Support strap of inner battery clamp to outer guard incase battery rocking causing inner guard cracking. Fwh incase CV breaks. I have a spare CV. Have sleeves to place on tie rod ends that are weak. Superior Engineering diff drop re poor cv angles. Some thought has gone into avoiding issues as best I can. There are a few areas of concern that we all hear about. So far so good. 28,000 ks only on her though. Catchcan from Flashlube. Donaldson 10 micron prefilter. I attached long evap pipe for aircon to firewall with clamp to try and avoid evap failure from cracking. Will go elocker in rear one day because of known diff issues. I keep GVM 400kg down from maximum of 3600kg. No towing. Hayman Reese Xbar.

Saying that guards are cracking due to bullbars and winches shows how little you really know. Both of these are mounted to the chassis. The guards crack due to the body flexing and vibrating. This is caused by poor body rubbers, especially the front ones. A well known fix is to fit colorado front rubbers as they are much more solid and reduce the vibration greatly. Gotta love how yet again another so called expert writing a blog claims something mounted to a chassis can crack the guards. Perhaps its time to retire or go back to something mechanical that you understand a bit better

Hi Aaron, great reading from people that know and understand. I have an SX spacecab 2013. I had unusual cracking noise in rear, thought to be brake lining binding up. How wrong was I ? Turned out to be diff. First idea was fit locker, eliminate problem. Unfortunately, was to late, crown wheel and pinion not healthy. So, now going for 2nd hand centre and if no issues will do the locker at a later date. Either way it is still annoying and expensive. At 175k and 95% highway running only. Thankfully no other issues have come up and i had trouble free 16k trip around big island in 2019. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Regards Tim from Tassie.

I have had the same problems with my Dmax 2018 LS the inner guard cracked but that was before i had the bullbar fitted the turbo has failed isuzu have come to the party and are covering the costs to repair my car, my car had travelled 160000 klms the dealer repeatly told my that there was no problem with the PDF until the car went into limp mode.

Unique to the surface of Europa, chaos terrain is diagnostic of the properties and dynamics of its icy shell. We present a new model that suggests large melt lenses form within the shell and that water-ice interactions above and within these lenses drive the production of chaos. This model is consistent with key observations of chaos, predicts observables for future missions, and indicates that the surface is likely still active today[1]. We apply lessons from ice-water interaction in the terrestrial cryosphere to hypothesize a dynamic lense-collapse model to for Europa's chaos terrain. Chaos terrain morphology, like that of Conamara chaos and Thera Macula, suggests a four-phase formation [1]: 1) Surface deflection occurs as ice melts over ascending thermal plumes, as regularly occurs on Earth as subglacial volcanoes activate. The same process can occur at Europa if thermal plumes cause pressure melt as they cross ice-impurity eutectics. 2) Resulting hydraulic gradients and driving forces produce a sealed, pressurized melt lense, akin to the hydraulic sealing of subglacial caldera lakes. On Europa, the water cannot escape the lense due to the horizontally continuous ice shell. 3) Extension of the brittle ice lid above the lense opens cracks, allowing for the ice to be hydrofractured by pressurized water. Fracture, brine injection and percolation within the ice and possible iceberg toppling produces ice-melange-like granular matrix material. 4) Refreezing of the melt lense and brine-filled pores and cracks within the matrix results in raised chaos. Brine soaking and injection concentrates the ice in brines and adds water volume to the shell. As this englacial water freezes, the now water-filled ice will expand, not unlike the process of forming pingos and other "expansion ice" phenomena on Earth. The refreezing can raise the surface and create the oft-observed matrix "domes" In this presentation, we describe how catastrophic ice-water interactions on Earth have

When ice in my glass turns to water it is not bad but when the big ice at the top and bottom of the world turns into water it is not good. This new water makes many houses, stores and schools wet. It is really bad during when the wind is strong and the rain is hard. New old ice water gets all over the place. We can not get to work or school or home. We go to the big ice at the top and bottom of the world to see if it will turn to water soon and make more houses wet. We fly over the big ice to see how it is doing. Most of the big ice sits on rock. Around the edge of the big sitting on rock ice, is really low ice that rides on top of the water. This really low ice slows down the big rock ice turning into water. If the really low ice cracks up and turns into little pieces of ice, the big rock ice will make more houses wet. We look to see if there is new water in the cracks. Water in the cracks is bad as it hurts the big rock ice. Water in the cracks on the really low ice will turn the low ice into many little pieces of ice. Then the big rock ice will turn to water. That is water in cracks is bad for the houses, schools and businesses. If water moves off the really low ice, it does not stay in the cracks. This is better for the really low ice. This is better for the big rock ice. We took pictures of the really low ice and saw water leaving. The water was not staying in the cracks. Water leaving the really low ice might be good for houses, schools and stores.


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