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Landon Stewart
Landon Stewart

2022 10 30 04 57 27 PM Ogg

The World Cup 2022 schedule delivered an epic tournament from start to finish in Qatar and was highlighted by perhaps the best final in football history.[ LIVE: Watch World Cup en Espanol en Peacock ]

2022 10 30 04 57 27 PM ogg

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Because COVID-19 exacerbated teacher shortages around the state, more and more school districts have moved to four-day school weeks in recent years. While several followed the first Texas district that implemented the change in 2016, a whopping 27 districts are making the switch in 2022 in hopes of attracting and retaining teachers. A total of 41 school districts have adopted the program, with at least one planning on starting a four-day schedule for 2023-2024. 041b061a72


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