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Buy Furniture Hardware Online

Buster and Punch has so many beautiful midcentury mod hardware pieces not just for cabinets and furniture but for door and electrical hardware as well. I love the look of their nostalgic light switches!

buy furniture hardware online

Sometimes, a really tight budget can create a challenge, but try updating just the cabinet locks, latches, hinges, and shelf hardware. These come in stainless steel, brass, and nickel-plated brass. Ranging roughly from $5 to $10 each for hinges, this option offers an updated look without breaking the bank.

Rockler has everything you need to update the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Shop our large selection of cabinet doors and drawers as well as cabinet hardware including latches, hinges and shelf hardware. Shop online and in-store today!

Discover a large variety of vintage restoration hardware, door, vintage cabinet and furniture: cabinet knobs, iron pulls, iron handles, cast iron register, decorative shelf brackets, locks & latches, iron hinges or iron hooks, Hairpin legs, Cast iron floor grates , Window or Barn Door Hardware.

Established iron craftsmen, our very unique inventory includes hand forge and cast iron products, builder hardware, English and Victorian Style hardware, all of which are sure to add that special finishing touch to your restoration or renovation project, be it a simple or ambitious one.

Our exclusive inventory of vintage and decorative cast iron products which, together with unparalleled service, have made us a leader in & vintage restoration hardware sales and distribution in North America.

For over 50 years, the Complete Baldwin Brass Center has brought timeless elegance to residential and commercial properties country-wide with its carefully hand-forged brass hardware and other masterfully made accessories.

Unfortunately for furniture shoppers on a budget, the luxury-priced home goods store is equally well known for its exorbitantly high price range, which puts it out of reach for most modern furniture shoppers.

They also have a large number of brick and mortar stores all across the United States, which makes them a particularly good alternative for Restoration Hardware fans who prefer buying furniture in real life, rather than shopping online.

Where stores like Restoration Hardware offer fairly timeless furniture pieces that stand the test of time, Modshop is definitely trendier, offering great selections that feel very current and of-the-moment.

Which is a real headscratcher, because in addition to lighting (of course), they actually carry a pretty good variety of both modern and classic furniture from some of the biggest and best brands in the industry.

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CB2 is a high-design furniture and home decor store with collections ranging from contemporary pieces to rediscovered vintage icons. All crafted with premium materials and exceptional quality. CB2, in conjunction with our fellow brands Crate & Barrel and Crate & Kids, is the international destination for enduring, modern furniture, textiles and home decor. Founded in 2000, 38 years after Crate & Barrel launched, CB2's mission is to help you design covet-worthy spaces at an approachable price point. From the U.S. to Europe, CB2 merchants collaborate with more than 100 artists and designers worldwide to curate globally-inspired designs and exclusive products in every category. Show More

CB2 offers a curated collection of modern home furnishings and housewares that bring you high-quality pieces at an approachable price point. Shop for unique sofas, accent chairs and dining room furniture at our modern furniture stores or online. Plus, find unique home accessories, modern lighting, contemporary rugs, modern dinnerware sets and more as part of our robust offerings as a home store.

CB2 has 24 home decor and furniture stores across the U.S. and Canada with plans for expansion in the contiguous United States. You can find CB2 stores in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and our headquarters in Chicago, IL. We also have a CB2 Outlet in Naperville, IL. Our CB2 Canada stores are located in Toronto and Vancouver.

CB2 was founded as a fellow brand of Crate & Barrel in 2000 and has 24 stores across U.S. and Canada. Its product assortment features coveted high-design furniture and home decor collections crafted from premium materials and leans more contemporary than Crate & Barrel's style.

Yes, CB2 promo codes and discounts are frequently available including CB2's annual Black Friday furniture sale. Even after our promotions have ended, you can still save on the best deals by shopping CB2 sales for home decor, textiles, entertaining and furniture on clearance.

With all of these amenities, the last thing to notice is that the store actually sells furniture. But there is plenty to buy with individual floors dedicated to each line, Modern, Outdoor, Baby & Child, and TEEN. Complimentary in house-design services are also available.

While chasing down a bottle of water can be a challenge at most furniture stores, the galleries in Chicago, West Palm Beach, Nashville, Toronto, New York, and Yountville have food and beverage programs.

Spend more time working on your project and less time shopping for the products you need to complete it. Place an order online by 5 pm for pick up that day. We offer in-store pick up as well as touchless curbside pickup.

Order Tracking is now available online for some of our store locations including some of our online orders. Tracking is only available on the day of delivery. The estimated times are our best estimates and you shouldstill be available during your scheduled delivery windows. If you get a message that tracking is not availablein your area, please contact your fulfiller (listed on your confirmation email) to get more information on yourdelivery.

If you bought something from within the past 30 days and it is now listed at a lower price, let us know. We will then review and verify the price adjustment request. has the final decision for matching an online price.

With more than 6000 items in our product line, we offer one of the largest selections of home furnishings available. In orderto maintain high quality products at affordable prices, we choose to produce our furniture in large quantities,realizing cost savings, rather than making custom orders. You may view our online catalog at or find the Ashley HomeStore nearest you.

At this time, we are unable to support custom orders. However, some of our most popular items are offered in multiple sizesand colors to make it easy for you to find your style and your look. In our Living Room furniture selection, forexample, you will see the same fabric available with different shape of sofas (traditional sofa, sectional or recliningsofa) and also, offered in different sizes but same fabric.

Not at this time. But good news: many products are available for purchase online. Click the Shop Now section on our home page to begin shopping. Our products may be also be purchased from Ashley retailstores throughout the country. Click for the Store Locator. 041b061a72


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