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Set Of Seamless Vector Pack, 15 X EPS

Featured below are downloadable seamless patterns that we have compiled from various sources. The files are vector images. This means you may enlarge and maintain the integrity of the images while preventing pixelation. Vector images are often created in rendering programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDRAW.

Set of Seamless Vector Pack, 15 x EPS

Christmas vector badges & labels perfect for scrapbooking, christmas cards, christmas invitations, web design, graphic design, handmade craft items, printed paper items and so much more! Purchasing this item you will receive: Ai File

Vectorgraphit is a blog of vector tutorials, freebies and premium vectors! We do the best to provide high-quality tutorials to help you learn and premium quality vector graphics that you can use in your commercial or personal projects.

Seamless and tileable patterns are a great way to enhance your projects. They add extra depth and richness to your designs, so having them in your library is a sensible choice. You can use them in both your web and print projects. For example, a seamless pattern is a great way to create an attractive business card or product packaging.

This huge collection of seamless modern floral patterns with a Nordic-inspired design would make great wallpaper or fabric. You could use it for any kind of design or creative project including web design, logo design, illustration, or paper craft.

This modern graphical floral pattern is seamless so it can be repeated as many times as you wish for a smaller scale pattern or used at its original size or larger for a bold effect. It comes in a color scheme of sage green and terracotta, but this is easily edited to meet your preferences.

This hand-drawn floral pattern is reminiscent of pen-and-ink botanical illustrations in old books. However, you could easily change the color scheme to something more bright and modern if it suits your project better. This pattern is seamless, meaning it can be tiled to use at any scale.

Ideal for creating bold and bright designs, these watercolor vector illustrations of flowers, leaves, and branches can be used for greetings cards, wedding invitations, logo creation, website design, and more.

The graphic pack includes 30 high-res isolated watercolor elements in PNG and EPS format, 8 pre-made frames in PNG format, 6 seamless patterns sized 40004000 in PNG, JPG, and EPS format, 4 pre-made wreathes at 40004000 size in PNG and EPS format, and 12 bonus shapes in AI, EPS, and PNG format.

These beautiful floral vector illustrations are reminiscent of Victorian bookplates and will add a decorative flourish to any typography or design work. There are 21 elements in total, each of which is fully resizable and customizable.

This collection of digital papers is illustrated with beautiful watercolor flowers and patterns in a periwinkle blue and blush pink color palette. These seamless flower background textures are perfect for creating social media graphics, photo albums, scrapbooking, website design, and more.

These vibrant tropical flower and foliage illustrations including hibiscus, rose, aloe, and palm will instantly add an exotic feel to any digital or print design. Use the seamless patterns as a floral background texture, or create your own with the individual flower elements.

This bundle includes 10 seamless patterns in EPS format, 10 PNG patterns with transparent background, 69 PNG flowers and bouquets, and a master vector file containing all the illustrations in EPS and AI format.

This bright and cheery seamless pattern uses simple flower, apple, and foliage graphics for a retro design effect. The colorful shades of yellow, orange, and turquoise have an optimistic feel and would make a great starting point for any creative design project.

These stylized floral graphics in the style of traditional folk art are bold, bright, and ideal for creating your own floral backgrounds and graphics. Supplied as a fully editable vector, you can easily make a repeating pattern with a few different flowers or use a single flower at a large scale for an abstract and eye-catching background.

These high quality illustrations and seamless patterns are perfect for making wedding invitations, logos, branding, social media graphics, packaging, and more. The elegant color palette of mauve, grey, brown, and gold will add instant sophistication to any project.

The collection includes 100 pre-made patterns in high-res JPG format, 30 vector and PNG seamless patterns on a transparent background, 19 illustrations in PNG, AI, and EPS format, and cheat sheets on how to mix patterns to create your own unique look.

The collection consists of 170 files including 6 seamless floral patterns at 6000 x 4000 size in PNG and PAT format with transparent background and flattened JPGs with various background colors. Each flower, leaf, butterfly, and bee element is also included as a separate PNG file.

Employing seamless patterns are an extraordinary way to give your design some additional depth and personality. Either by delicately highlighting important areas or for producing a background that will elevate your layout design to top notch status.

In this article, we have included some of the best free and premium folk patterns for designing professional-style projects. Some of the best pattern designs that are included in the article are Mexican pattern designs, floral pattern vectors, BOHO pattern designs, African pattern designs, and seamless animal pattern designs. These patterns are fully customizable so you can change the color of the vector and increase the size of the elements. You can add the pattern to your editing software and use it as the background for flyers and posters. Select the best patterns from the below collection and design a professional project.

If you are looking for a seamless floral pattern for your next apparel and print design projects then these textures are perfect for you. These pattern designs are perfect for greeting cards, invitation cards, textile designs, and handmade products. These pattern design includes flowers, leaves, and herbs to give a creative look. These files are designed in EPS and SVG format to give a professional look. Give an illustration look to your patterns.

Right now, designers are rediscovering ornament from the past and relearning how to use it. Vectorian gives access to some of these ornamental riches by tracing and redrawing originals as digital vector files. See what designers are creating with it!See All Vintage Designs

How about this collection of eight fun and colourful geometric patterns for your next project? Ideal for package design, backgrounds, branding, and more, this collection is offered in seamless vector files that you can enlarge as much as you need to, without loss of quality.

The circle is a deeply satisfying shape, and this set of 40 circular seamless vector patterns brings a range and complexity to the circle that is wonderful to behold. Download this collection of 40 and incorporate it into your projects for backgrounds, packaging, stationery, web design, and more.

Continuing with the metal theme, Geometric Patterns and Designs offer ten wonderful patterns in rose gold with a transparent or white background and ten white patterns against a rose gold background. There's no limit to what you can do with these stylish patterns, which are offered in vector and high-resolution PNG files.

Check out this collection of 18 Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns. They include nine coloured and nine black and white vector files. This is a wonderful collection to create amazing backgrounds for web and print projects.

Every culture offers some interpretation of geometric patterns, and here are the Portuguese ones. Portuguese Geometric Pattern Design offers 32 patterns in three different colours. Mix and match to your heart's content, and scale the vector files without fear of quality degradation.

And of course, all colour isn't intense, as in the case of Retro Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns. This stunning collection of ten abstract geometric compositions in vector is easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator. The sizes of the shapes and their position, direction, and colour can all be changed as needed.

This is a collection that you are going to want to check out. Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns offers a whopping 100 patterns in vector files as well as high-res PNGs and JPGs. But that's not all: the collection also includes two Photoshop poster templates, as well as two free fonts: Brada Light and Brada Bold. How's that for a package that keeps on giving?

How about this Modern Geometric Pattern Vector collection? There are 15 seamless patterns in four file formats, so you have lots of choice when it comes to modifying and incorporating these patterns into your own projects.

100 Geometric Patterns and Designs is another whopping collection of geometric seamless patterns you need to include in your toolbox. The collection includes stripes, lines, triangles, cubes, circles, squares, polygons, and more.

Patterns Geometric Shapes offers a collection of 20 seamless vector patterns which are individually saved in AI and EPS files. In addition, the collection offers a bonus poster template. How cool is that?

If you love Moroccan patterns, check out this collection of Moroccan Style Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns. The collection contains 15 beautiful vector patterns in AI and EPS file format and 15 high-res PNG and JPG file formats.

Simplicity is everything, and that is reflected in this collection: Simple Geometric Patterns. The set contains ten stylish backgrounds in vector that can be edited in Illustrator and resized without loss of quality. Hi-res JPG and PNG files are also included in this set. 350c69d7ab


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