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[S3E5] The Crystal Cave

While being pursued through the woods by murderous bandits, Arthur and Merlin take refuge in The Valley of the Fallen Kings. But Arthur is fatally wounded with an arrow. After several attempts at reviving the prince using magic, Merlin is at a loss to what to do, until an ancient seer called Taliesin emerges from the woods and tells the boy wizard that their meeting at this point in time is destiny. Thus, he leads Merlin to the crystal cave, in which he is a witness to several visions involving Morgana, none of which are good.

[S3E5] The Crystal Cave


The next day, Arthur is up early. He has to get Morgana a gift for her birthday and he wants to get her a dagger. Merlin startles a little at that, since Morgana had a dagger in his vision. He follows Arthur outside and sees Morgana struggling with her horse, which is one of the images from the crystal.

Merlin and Arthur are chased through the forest by a gang of armed bandits. They enter the supposedly cursed Valley of the Fallen Kings to escape them, which alerts Merlin's magical senses. Arthur is hit in the back by a bandit's arrow and collapses, forcing Merlin to hide with an unconscious prince, while the bandits ride past. He then attempts to use magic to heal the prince's wound, but to no effect. As Merlin begins to lose hope, he is confronted by an old man named Taliesin, who claims that their meeting has been written. Taliesen has powerful magic and heals Arthur. Leaving the prince to recover, Taliesen takes Merlin to the Crystal Cave, where the young wizard has a series of terrifying visions in the crystals - a crowned Morgana sitting upon Camelot's throne, an elderly man being led away, Morgana struggling with a white horse and then her unsheathing an ornate dagger, followed by her walking down a hall in her red cloak, a hand seemingly dripping with blood, Merlin himself surrounded by fire and finally Morgana stabbing Uther with the ornate dagger. Merlin then returns to a recovering Arthur.

Arthur recovers completely and he and a distracted Merlin head back to Camelot the next morning. Arthur thanks Merlin for his help and offers him a reward, but Merlin is distressed by his vision and rejects Arthur's offer. Back at the citadel, Merlin reveals his vision to Gaius, who states that Taliesen was a great seer who died 300 years ago. Merlin fears that the events he saw will occur soon, but Gaius warns him that the cave's magical crystals are treacherous.

------------------------Magic decides its child has been alone long enough. It brings those relevant to the crystal cave to share some of its memories pertaining to its child. Merlin and his friends watch him arrive in Camelot from a fresh set of eyes.

The moment Taliesin meets Emrys was predicted many, many years ago just to make sure Merlin could take a look at the crystals which contain futures that are not yet born. Too bad there are so many crystals with many different futures and what if Merlin accidentally looks into the wrong one?

Merlin had the beauty of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley as a backdrop throughout its 5 series, our inspiring wild scenery being used to represent the ancient world of Albion. Deep caves, majestic castles, mysterious woodlands, lakes and paths feature in the series including notably Raglan Castle, Cannop Ponds, Speech House Lake, Clearwell Caves, Goodrich Castle and Puzzlewood.

The Crystal Cave is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and Taliesin describes it as the place where magic began. Glimpsing at a crystal at eye-level, Merlin sees a vision of Morgana sitting on a throne as Queen, as well as an image of himself as an old man. He quickly deduces that the crystals on the walls of the cave are the same as the Crystal of Neahtid, that which revealed to him the visions of himself releasing the dragon and all the havoc that ensued from that. Taliesin confirms that it the Crystal of Neahtid was hewn from this very cave. Perhaps understandably, he has no desire to see any more crystal prophecies. However, Taliesin insists the he looks, saying he can use the prophecies for good, and Merlin reluctantly steps forward and gazes into the nearest crystal.

Several images flash across it: Morgana struggling with a long-haired horse, Morgana drawing a decorative dagger, Morgana in a red cloak walking down a hallway, a finger dripping with red blood, himself roaring in the dragon tongue with fire burning behind him, and Morgana stabbing Uther in his sleep with the dagger. After trying to tear his eyes away from the images as they appear in the crystals all around him, Merlin collapses in what seems to be terror and pain, demanding to know what has just happened. But Taliesin has vanished.

Over dinner with Gaius, Merlin tells him that he can't get the visions out of his head. Gaius tells him that he's very lucky to have seen the Crystal Cave and that Taliesin was a seer that died almost three hundred years ago. Merlin is certain that the visions he saw are imminent and that it's up to him to stop Morgana from killing Uther, but Gaius tells him that since crystals are tricky things, it's best to do nothing.

The following morning Merlin brings Arthur breakfast, but his smile fades when he hears that Arthur plans to give Morgana a dagger for her birthday. Outside in the courtyard he's struck motionless by the sight of Morgana trying to calm a white horse, just as she appeared in the crystal. Merlin rushes to tell Gaius, who is struck by a sudden case of Arbitrary Skepticism and tells him that the horse and the dagger might just be a coincidence.

In the banquet hall that evening, a toast is raised for Lady Morgana, who sits decked out in gems and jewelry next to Uther and Arthur at the head table. Uther has given her a necklace to wear, and Arthur wriggles in anticipation as his gift is presented. Merlin's smile fades as Morgana opens the box and withdraws a Gem-Encrusted dagger, unsheathing it before her eyes just as he's seen in the crystal. Arthur steps up to his side and congratulates him: he was right in saying that girls enjoy pretty things.

Merlin starts awake as Morgana opens her door later that night, and watches as she pushes the dagger into her belt. The sight of her walking down the empty corridor in her red cloak is another vision from the crystal, and Merlin follows her closely as she makes her way through the palace. As she approaches the end of the hallway Merlin uses his magic to slam the doors shut in front of her and cause a lighted torch to fall. Startled, Morgana trips over her cloak and topples down a stairwell, landing heavily on the floor. Horrified, Merlin hurries after her to see a trickle of blood dripping down over her forehead.

The final images from the crystal comes to pass as Morgana avoids the guards and heads for Uther's room, while Merlin wakes up and cries out in alarm. Uther is asleep in bed as Morgana stands over him, unsheathes the dagger, and raises it above her head. Merlin rushes into the room, hides behind a post and uses his magic to make the window explode inwards just as Morgana is about to stab Uther to death. She flies backward across the room in a shower of glass, and Uther wakes up in shock. Morgana immediately reverts back to tearfulness, kicking the dagger under the bed as she tells him about the fire. Uther hugs her and Merlin quietly slips away.

Not Separated At Birth: Zak and Wheezie are tired of being fused together, so Quetzal gives them crystals that separates them. However, when they build a musical playground, they discover that they may need each other more than previously thought.A Kite For Quetzal: Everyone wants to surprise Quetzal by making their own kites because Quetzal has a cold.

A Tall Tale: Max is tired of being little and wishes he were taller. So when Eunice the unicorn loses her glasses, he discovers that being short may be useful for some things after all.Stormy Weather: The kids and dragons visit the playground at the Cloud Island. But when Ord hears thunder, he gets scared and runs into a cave. The others help him brave the storm with fun games.

Backwards To Forwards: During a game of Leap-Dragon, a rock hits one of the Backwards-Forwards Signs, causing everything and everyone to go backwards. When the mix-up becomes frustrating, the gang must find a way to turn things around.Sounds Like Trouble: The friends chase a goo ball into a cave, and it is up to Ord to brave his fear of the dark once more to find it.

The Balancing Act: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season.A Small Victory: Max and Lorca are teamed together for a scavenger hunt. Max is too small to do very much, and Lorca can't fly and is disabled. However, Lorca shows Max that they can use their disadvantages to win the hunt and collect plants to add to their garden.

Rod Reiss arrives and says that he will explain the rest, causing Eren to remember his kidnapping and wonder how much time has passed. He notices the unusual glowing crystals that form the walls of the cavern and realizes that this place seems familiar to him. Rod picks up on that and explains that though this is Eren's first time here it would not be strange for him to recognize it.

Rod and Historia place their hands on Eren's bare back, causing him to experience memories of being here before. He sees Rod and his family in the underground cavern, a Titan, a burning chapel, a Scout, his father's key, and himself as a child, turning into a Titan, and eating his father. Rod asks Eren if he now remembers his father's sin.

In the cavern beneath the public chapel, Kenny remembers a conversation with his bedridden grandfather. His grandfather asked him if he was out killing Military Police again, which Kenny freely admitted. He let his grandfather know that a branch of the family had moved down near Shiganshina District, but someone had been interfering with their business so they were still poor. Kenny asked his grandfather why this was happening if they used to be warriors who protected the King. 041b061a72


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