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Hustler February 1996

The 1996 season of the astronomy TV show Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler starring Jack Horkheimer started on January 1, 1996. During this season, the show still had its original name, Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler.[1] The show's episode numbering scheme changed several times during its run to coincide with major events in the show's history. During the 1996 season, in May, the show acquired an Internet presence along with its own website, The episode numbers started including a "-I" appended to the end, marking the event. The official Star Gazer website hosts the complete scripts for each of the shows.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Hustler February 1996

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At the heart of the cold wave, there were six consecutive days when it was never warmer than -9 degrees and two consecutive days when it was never warmer than -21 degrees. The coldest day was Feb. 1. The morning low in Fargo-Moorhead was 39 below and the afternoon high was 28 below. These remain the coldest low temperature and the second-coldest high temperature recorded in Fargo-Moorhead since the 1800s. The memories of both the blizzard and cold wave of 1996 were somewhat overshadowed by the heavy snows and spring flood the following winter of 1996-97.

The University of Chicago Magazine August 19961990s What's the news? We are always eager to receive your news at the Magazine, care of the Class News Editor, University of Chicago Magazine, 5757 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60637, or by E-mail: To write us with your news directly, click here for our e-mail form:

91 Rebecca Rogers Ackermann, AB'91, received the 1996 Lawrence J. Angel award for outstanding student paper from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences for her master's work at the University of Arizona. She is now an Olin fellow at Washington University in St. Louis. After several months in Africa, Ackermann is "closing in on her Ph.D. in physical anthropology." She and her husband, Kurt M. Ackermann, AB'91, live in St. Louis. Kurt is the Internet coordinator and an adjunct faculty member in both the College of Fine Arts and the School of Education at Webster University. The Ackermanns report that A. Daisy Rockwell, AB'91, and Aaron L. York, AB'91, are in the midst of 15 months of living in India while Rockwell does research for a Ph.D. from Chicago. Stephen L. Gessner, AM'75, PhD'91, recently became director of the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University's Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth. Lawrence R. Gryziak, AB'91, see 1988, Glenn A. Carnagey. Judith Walker Hooyenga, JD'91, is an associate in the Grand Rapids, MI, office of the law firm Warner Norcross & Judd, practicing real-estate, corporate, and health law. Naoko Ishibe, AB'91, a doctoral candidate at Harvard's School of Public Health, qualified for the 1996 Olympic marathon trials, held in February. Friends can reach her at Shawn R. Kenney, AB'90, graduated from medical school in June 1995 and then did an internal-medicine internship at the University of Texas in Houston. In July, he started his radiology residency at Chicago.

Adam K. Powers, AB'92, works in the radiation-oncology clinic at the University of Illinois Hospital as a medical radiation dosimetrist. He and wife Claire had their first child in June. Jeffrey C. Roach, AB'92, married Sharon Salter on December 17 in Boston, MA. They both just finished their third year of medical school at Georgetown. Navy Ensign Christopher R. Sherwood, AB'92, recently completed the basic surface-warfare officer's course. Richard P. Smiraglia, PhD'92, an associate professor at the Long Island University Palmer School of Library and Information Science, received a 1996 distinguished alumni award from the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science. Edward J. Spillane, JD'92, married Debbie Bockiaro in October 1994 in New Port Richey, FL. He is an assistant district attorney in Bryan, College Station, TX, and she works at Texas A&M University. Meryl S. B. Zwanger, AB'92, see 1991, Wesley K. Thompson.

Feb. 14, 1997 -- The White House releases documents suggesting it ignored warnings from the National Security Council that DNC fund-raisers' trips to Asia might jeopardize U.S. foreign policy. Particular concern was raised about DNC Managing Trustee Johnny Chung, who gave $366,000 to the DNC, and pressed Clinton for assistance in his efforts to free Chinese-American human rights activist Harry Wu. NSC called Chung a "hustler" and his mission "very troubling." Documents also showed NSC's concerns about Gore attending an event at a Buddhist Temple in California last April were ignored.

Feb. 28, 1997 -- The Democratic Party says it will return another $1.5 million in improper or questionable contributions it received from 77 donors during the 1996 election cycle. Gov. Roy Romer, the party's general chairman, calls it "a serious amount," but "a small percentage of the overall amount raised." Separately, documents released by former deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes reveal a strategy to reward donors, including "better coordination on appointments to boards and commissions."

THIS CAUSE comes before the Court upon the following motions: (1) Defendant Tae Il Media's Emergency Motion for Pre-Judgment Replevin, Attachment and/or Preliminary Injunction and Order to Show Cause, filed December 5, 1995; (2) Defendants Tae Il USA, Techmedia and Otomation's Rule 12(b) (6) Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff's Complaint, filed January 16, 1996; (3) Defendants Tae Il USA, Techmedia, Otomation and Park's Rule 56 Motion for Summary Judgment Dismissing Plaintiff's Complaint, filed January 16, 1996; (4) Defendant Park's Rule 12(b) (6) Motion to Dismiss Complaint, filed January 16, 1996; and (5) Defendants Tae Il USA, Techmedia, Otomation and Park's Rule 12(b) (2) Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction, filed January 16, 1996.

Defendant Tae Il Media has moved for pre-judgment replevin, attachment and/or preliminary injunction, or an Order to show cause why this relief should not be provided pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 64. Future Tech responded on December 19, 1995, and Tae Il Media replied on January 2, 1996. With this application, Tae Il Media seeks: (1) the issuance of a pre-judgment writ of replevin or attachment; and (2) the issuance of a temporary and preliminary injunction concerning shipping containers of computer equipment worth somewhere between $7,000,000.00 and $16,384,810.00, presently in the possession of Future Tech, and/or its ocean carrier and/or bailee.[2] As noted above, Tae Il Media contends that since August 1995, it has manufactured, sold and delivered to Future Tech's freight forwarder and ocean carrier, Maersk Lines, equipment covered by invoices totaling some $16 million dollars. The shipments were made F.O.B. Pusan, Korea and the payment terms were "net 90 days." Tae Il Media argues that, as of November 26, 1995, Future Tech was past due on the invoices to the extent of $3,808.528.00 of the $16,384,810.00. Due to this asserted failure to pay invoices, and in view of the Future Tech's commencement of this lawsuit, Tae Il Media deemed itself insecure as to Future Tech's *1545 willingness to meet its contractual obligations, and exercised its rights under Fla. Stat. ง 672.609 to demand adequate assurances of Plaintiff's future performance. Not having received the sought-after assurances, Tae Il Media says it properly exercised its right under Fla.Stat. ง 672.705 to stop delivery of the containers in transit, and direct the carrier to deliver the equipment back to it. Tae Il Media now indicates that Future Tech is threatening to take possession of the Maersk Lines containers, even though it has failed to pay for the equipment. Based on these facts and circumstances, Tae Il Media maintains that injunctive relief pending a hearing on its application for prejudgment remedies of a writ of replevin or a writ of attachment is warranted, and additionally contends that the underlying application for the prejudgment remedies is appropriate. In response, Future Tech asserts that Tae Il Media has not made a sufficient showing for the relief that it seeks.

In support of their motion, the moving Defendants submit that Park is a "resident of the State of California and ha[s] resided in California since 1985. I have never resided in Florida, nor do I own or have an interest in any real or personal property in Florida." Appendix to Mem. of Law in Supp. of Defs. Rule 9, Rule 12 and Rule 56 Mot. to Dismiss and for Summ. J'ment, January 19, 1996, Dec. of Andrew Park, at ถ 3. Defendant Park also attests that there "were numerous substantive negotiations, meetings and discussions between Future Tech and Tae Il Media in Las Vegas, Nevada, Seoul, Korea, New York, New York, and Miami, Florida," but that "[m]y contacts in Florida were minimal and incidental to these numerous discussions that occurred outside of Florida. I attended three meetings in Miami, Florida with Future Tech solely in my capacity as President of Otomation in the summer of 1994 and I met with Future Tech and Tae Il Media persons in February 1994 solely in my *1557 capacity as President of Techmedia." Id. at ถ 17. The moving Defendants further assert that "Techmedia is not registered or authorized to conduct business in Florida," nor does Techmedia maintain offices, own real estate, or have any agents or physical presence in Florida. Id. at ถ 13. Defendants add that while Future Tech did place orders for computer equipment from Techmedia in 1995, "Techmedia's sales to Future Tech were short-term, one-time sales agreements and particular sales and were not part of ongoing or continuing obligations with [] Future Tech or negotiations." Id. at ถ 14. Park makes a similar declaration concerning Otomation's lack of authority to conduct business in Florida, as well as its lack of employees or agents, property or a physical presence in the State. Id. at ถ 11. Finally, Park declares that "[n]either I, nor Otomation, nor Techmedia are signatories or parties to the document entitled "Agreement" between Tae Il Media and Future Tech International dated August 10, 1994. Neither I, nor Otomation, nor Techmedia were signatories or parties to the documents dated July 26, 1995, attached as Exhibit `E' to Mr. Crespo's Declaration. I did not sign that document nor was I present at the meeting where that document was allegedly signed." Id. at ถ 16. 041b061a72


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