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Landon Stewart
Landon Stewart


Logo: On a black background, there is one piece of a film strip with the picture consisting of multiple copies of "kadr" scrolling down. On top, the text "zespół realizatorów filmowych" types in, followed by bolded company name "KADR" to appear within the film strip. Then, "przedstawia" types in below. After all of this, the screen zooms in, fading to black in the process.


Download File:

Logo: Essentially a remake of the previous logo where it starts off in the same fashion as before with the "kadr" copies capitalized and in gold. The top text, in white, reads "Studio Filmowe" and when "KADR" appears, the background copies of said text fade out. This is then followed by the bottom text "przedstawia" to type in.

With over 1500 business clients (including organizations like Amazon or Neuca, subjects like The Capital City of Warsaw, and other companies coming from small and medium-sized business sectors), Kuź is one of the largest training companies located in Poland.

The result was, without doubt, satisfactory. However, the most significant change coming from design improvements was that a better impression was made on potential customers, partners and other individuals wishing to somehow cooperate with Kuź 041b061a72


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