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TiE Angels invests in seed and Series A rounds of promising companies in cloud, IoT/IoA, big data, ML/AI, AR/VR, security, enterprise software, networking, mobility hardware/software infrastructure, robotics, consumer, ecommerce, semiconductors, fintech, energy, digital health and medical devices. We have a strong preference for investments in the greater San Francisco area. Companies are selected either for "Showcase dinners" and/or in our more frequent "Pitchfests/Pitchclinics". Our investment is typically around $300k, but has ranged from $100k to $1.5M. We do not have a fund and angels make their decisions individually. However, a lead is assigned to every company during due diligence so that entrepreneurs deal with us as a group.


Even as the start-up ecosystem is battling the jitters and the uncertainty around the SVB collapse and the real possibility of many Indian SaaS companies and others with operations in the US not even being able to meet payroll, the flip side is that despite all the talk of a prolonged funding winter, there is a distinct possibility of good deals being available where angels and VCs can get in at attractive valuations as companies bring forward fund-raising plans.

Some serial investors and angels are, however, keen to explain that while the situation for Indian start-ups with operations in the US is indeed grave, it is not as if all start-ups will be hit by the SVB collapse. In a detailed LinkedIn post, serial entrepreneur Krishnan Ganesh, who founded TutorVista and Bluestone among other ventures, and is a very active investor in start-ups, cautioned against unnecessary panic.

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